Abundance Pillar

Session One


“How we think about money determines what we do about money.”  

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It is not important what you make. It’s more important what you keep.

Three things that affect your money:

  1. Childhood beliefs
  2. Self-Esteem
  3. Knowledge

Childhood Beliefs

What did your parents say about money?

How did you feel about money?

Be honest with yourself and how you feel about money.

If you don’t feel you’ll be successful, you may have low self-esteem and not feel that you’re worthy of being successful.

Childhood Beliefs Are Only A Decision You Made From An Experience You Had.

It Doesn’t Make It truth.

Simple question to ask when you feel a belief that is holding you back from your true abundance:

“If I couldn’t feel this way and it wasn’t true but instead, an absolute lie about who I truly am, how would I feel and think instead?”



Do you struggle with any of the following: 

  • Accepting compliments or gifts especially if they are extravagant
  • Letting someone pay for your meal, entertainment or other
  • Honoring yourself, your point of view, opinion, things you want

When you struggle with the things above you are telling yourself, others and the Universe that you are not worthy of acknowledgment, praise, or just being a human being on this earth.

Allowing abundance and self-love into your life is part of your Soul Journey. It is your job to the hero and stand-up for the little girl inside you. Remind her she is loved, worthy and valuable beyond measure.

To prove to your little girl that she matters, respect and honor yourself and take care of the money that comes to you.

Feeling good about yourself and valuing who you are and what you have to offer the world is not only part of your soul journey but part of how you bring money to you.

When you say, “Yes” to money in whatever form it comes and you take care of it like a relationship it will grow.


When Money Is Flowing You Must Acknowledge, Pay Attention To It & Manage It!

The more you know about your money the quicker you can make a plan for the future and work your plan!

Here is a list of things you should know or learn about your money:

  1. How much you spend each month (Review your bank account for the past one month)
  2. How much you keep each month
  3. What savings do you have and can you get a better ROI somewhere else? Learn more click here
  4. Is your retirement the best option for you? Learn more click here
  5. How much credit card debt do you have and what is the % of interest on each card?
  6. Are there ways to pay off your loans sooner than later?
  7. Can you save more and cut out things you don’t really need?

It’s Time To Get In Control Of Your Money!

Psychology of Money

What you think about money matters!

If you are afraid to review your bank account or know the % on your credit cards, then you keeping yourself at the set-point that you’re at and nothing will change!

Start to believe you could feel different about money.

Ask yourself, “What if I were in complete control of my money and I felt secure and confident about it?”

Now get in control of where you are and don’t make a judgment about it. Be complete okay with whatever you see.

If you find out that one of your credit cards has a 26% interest rate, it’s normal to catch your breath and be disappointed. Take the hit and then think, I’m glad I know what can I do to lower it.


For the next two weeks get to know your money. Become friends and see how you are taking care of it.

Do the following:

  • Review your bank account daily or at least set a reminder in your cell weekly to review it even if nothing changes. This will get you used to looking at it.
  • Fill out the Money & Me Document:
  • Create your budget
  • Accept compliments, gifts, luncheons, anything and everything and feel worthy of it!
  • Notice your childhood beliefs about money and tell yourself they are lies. They are not who you truly you.
  • Acknowledge the things you have in your life and feel good that you attracted that into your life.

“Happiness is wanting what you have.”

-Unknown Author

When you are in control of your money, create a plan for it and work your budget, money will fall in love with you and the feeling you’ll have with it is the emotional expansion your soul has come here to experience.

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