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If you are a presenter on our New Year’s Summit, Michelle will email you your promotional info soon. Thank you for joining us!

We currently have two programs you can promote.

SubBanners2_GFCGet Fit and Detox Challenge:

This program teaches members:

  • How their body digests foods
  • What foods are optimal for releasing inches
  • What foods increasing energy
  • What foods maintaining a healthy digestion and better clarity
  • The truth about the food industry and what to watch out for

This program is great for people who want to release inches without feeling hungry or deprived. It helps them reset their nutrition plan and learn the truth about the food available to them in the grocery store.

It also comes with digestive supplements like Green Vibrance, digestive gold enzymes, detox cookbook and option to have weekly vegetarian recipes emailed to them from Chef Jennifer Brewer.

SubBanners2_GF_updatedGet Fit Program:

Our Get Fit program gives members:

  • Fitness success system to get started with their fitness program
  • Workouts that include positive affirmations, filmed all around the world
  • 2 bi-monthly motivational coaching calls
  • Exercise game to stay motivated to exercise (AP coming soon!)
  • Private facebook page with even more support.
  • Fitness testing to stay on track and see results

It’s perfect for women who don’t know where to start with their exercise program and want the support of  a trainer with the huge expense!

For an Email to copy and send out with your affiliate link:

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  • Click on “Programs”
  • Scroll down to the program you wish to promote and click it
  • Scroll to:
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Program Sequence You Will See When You Click “Programs”: 

1st Women Getting Fit

2nd Get Fit

3rd Get Fit and Detox 12 Week Challenge

Again, thank you for helping us spread the word!

We can’t do it alone and if there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know!














Michelle Melendez-Founder/Fitness Expert

P.S. I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1996. There is nothing I’d rather do! Thank you for helping me expand my passion to the world! =)