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This month’s Get Fit Them:

Create a Life of Ease and Flow!

Get Fit members are receiving weekly emails with featured exercise practices filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Here is one of them…

The exercise practice above will strengthen and tone your abs and back for better posture and flexibility. You deserve that!

Keep your eyes open! You may see Hawaii peacocks! =)

Since the design of Get Fit is to tone your body AND lift your mood, members are also receiving a weekly tip to practice and create new more joyful experiences in their life.

Here is a Create a Life of Ease and Flow  Aloha Style tip…

Living a life of ease and flow is a practice sweet sister.

If you’ve been…

  • Challenged with life
  • Feeling sad, frustrated and hopeless
  • Wanting a new experience

Check out my Get Fit membership and see if it’s right for you.

Take 2-weeks FREE and then choose a crazy low-payment to join. You’re worth it!


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 It would be my honor to take you on a fitness journey and help you tone your body and lift your mood!

Your Fitness Ally,










Michelle Melendez-Founder/Master Trainer

P.S. I know you have lots of choices to choose from when it comes to working out and if they work for you and leave you feeling great, keep doing them. However, if I feel like the trainer for you, join me and experience a heartfelt way to reach your fitness goals. Click here

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